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Submerge yourself in the magic of Mexico City through its iconic monuments, world-class cuisine, bohemian neighborhoods and wide range of museums.

No matter where you’re heading to, the magnificent location of Hotel Marbella will always place you near the best attractions in Mexico City.

Explore Mexico City with Marbella

Cebtro Médicon Nacional Siglo XXI

Siglo XXI Medical Center

Located on Cuauhtemoc Avenue in the Doctores neighborhood in Mexico City, the Siglo XXI National Medical Center is the leader in health services and medical specialties in Mexico. Its importance places it as the most prestigious hospital of the entire Mexican healthcare system and it led it to earn the third place in the Newsweek World’s Best Hospitals 2023 list. The Siglo XXI National Medical Center is only within a 7-minute walk from Hotel Marbella.

Centro Comercial Parque Delta

Parque Delta Shopping Mall

Located in the Narvarte neighborhood, the Parque Delta Shopping Mall is one of the most visited shopping centers in Mexico City. Enjoy a day of shopping through its luxury brand stores, where you’ll find the perfect gift, premier clothing, watches, jewelry, technology and of course, entertainment, food, coffee and desserts to satisfy every palate. Parque Delta Shopping Mall is within a 13-minute drive from Hotel Marbella.

Pabellón Cuahutemoc

Pabellón Cuauhtémoc Shopping Mall

It’s a smaller and less crowded shopping mall located on Cuauhtemoc Avenue in Mexico City, right across the Siglo XXI Medical Center. It’s the perfect place to enjoy the many dining spots and an afternoon movie (Cinemex). It also has electronic stores, banks and a Sanborns department stores. Pabellon Cuauhtemoc is within a 6-minute walking distance from Hotel Marbella.

Hospital General de México

General Hospital

Located in the Mexico City’s Doctores neighborhood, the General Hospital of Mexico offers specialized public health services of the highest level, with multiple medical specialties. It was inaugurated in 1905 by then President Porfirio Diaz. The General Hospital of Mexico is within a 5-minute walk from Hotel Marbella.

Panteón Francés

French Cemetery

Located in the Buenos Aires neighborhood in Mexico City, the French Cemetery stands out in the city landscape for being the oldest cemetery still in use in the city. Because of its 100% European style, with gothic, neoclassic and art nouveau elements and the astounding beauty of its tombs and mausoleums is considered, more than just a cemetery, a funeral museum. It is private, so the public access is forbidden. The French Cemetery in Mexico City is within a 15-minute walking distance from Hotel Marbella.

Centro Cultural Casa Lamm

Casa Lamm Cultural Center

Located in Mexico City’s Roma neighborhood, the Casa Lamm Cultural Center is a beautiful building from the Porfirian era with a great artistic wealth. Its purpose is to promote culture and art through the teaching of courses, workshops, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and PHDs, both face to face and online. Restored in 1994 to become a cultural center, the Casa Lamm is also a beautiful venue for special events and home to a generous library with over 1000 books of Mexican art from the XX century and contemporary art as well. Casa Lamm Cultural Center is only within a 10-minute walk from Hotel Marbella.


Restaurants and Bars Area

A few steps away from Hotel Marbella you’ll find a lengthy variety of dining spots, bars and coffee shops to have a good time. Enjoy an afternoon of books and coffee and visit Cafebreria El Pendulo, considered one of the world’s most beautiful bookstores and located just 10 minutes away from Hotel Marbella; taste the different cuisines of the world in one of the many specialty restaurants, markets and bars distributed throughout La Condesa, Roma Norte, the Juarez neighborhood, among others.

La Condesa

La Condesa

La Condesa neighborhood is one of those magical spots that will show you a different side of Mexico City. Boasting a bohemian and artistic spirit, famous as well for its cultural life, it’s the perfect area to try a tasty pizza, a delicious vegan dish, enjoy a hot cup of coffee and have the sweetest dessert as its gastronomic offer is just unbeatable. La Condesa is within a 15-minute drive from Hotel Marbella.

Parque Mexico La Condesa

Mexico Park

Located in La Condesa, the stunning Mexico Park of 26,500 m² is a must if you’re in the area. Its gorgeous art decó plaza, abundant green areas and elements as the Fuente de los Cantaros make it a beautiful place for a relaxing walk. The Mexico Park is just within a 10-minute drive from Hotel Marbella.

Parque España

España Park

Because of its extensive green areas is considered one of the most important green lungs in Mexico City. It’s located between La Roma and La Condesa and it’s the ideal place for outdoor activities, working out or walking your pets.

Ángel de la Independencia

Monument to the Independence

An indisputable icon of Mexico City, the Monument to the Independence, Angel of Independence or just “the angel”, is one of the most representative monuments, not just in the city but in the whole country, designed and built by the famous architect Antonio Rivas Mercado. At the top of the monument there’s a spectacular figure of the Greek goddess Nike and inside the remains of 14 heroes of the war of independence, including Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, are kept. The Monument to the Independence is within a 16-minute drive from Hotel Marbella.

Auditorio Nacional

National Auditorium

It’s located on Paseo de la Reforma, in the Miguel Hidalgo borough and it’s one of the favorite event venues in the city and one of the most important in Latin America. Its screens, sound and projection systems feature the latest technology, which makes every event and concert a magnificent experience. The National Auditorium is within a 20-minute drive from Hotel Marbella.

Museo Nacional de Antropología e Historia

Museum of Anthropology

It’s located in Paseo de la Reforma and Calzada Gandhi. This is one of the richest and most important spaces dedicated to the knowledge of Mexico’s indigenous cultures. General entrance is $90.00 MXN but on Sundays is free. The Museum of Anthropology is within a 24-minute drive from Hotel Marbella.

Museo Tamayo

Rufino Tamayo Museum

It’s located in the first section of the Chapultepec Forest. It’s home to over 300 pieces of 170 different artists that Rufino and Olga Tamato gathered and donated with the purpose of putting national and international contemporary art at the reach of all the Mexicans. General entrance is $85.00 MXN but is free on Sundays. The Rufino Tamayo Museum of Contemporary Art is within a 25-minute drive from Hotel Marbella.

Museo de Arte Moderno

Museum of Modern Art

It’s located in the first section of the Chapultepec Forest and is one of the most important ones of its kind in Latin America. Plan your visit booking a guided visit and discover the impressive library, the archive or purchase a souvenir in the museum’s gift shop. General entrance is $70.00 MXN but is free on Sundays. The Museum of Modern Art is within a 25-minute drive from Hotel Marbella.

Zoológico de Chapultepec

Chapultepec Zoo

It’s one of Mexico City’s most important recreational spaces and the second largest zoo in Mexico, right after the Guadalajara Zoo. It’s home to 1236 animals of 222 different species, among mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibious. General entrance is free. The Chapultepec Zoo is within a 25-minute drive from Hotel Marbella.

Papalote Museo del Niño

Papalote Children’s Museum

Located in the second section of the Chapultepec Forest, the Papalote Children’s Museum is a 100% interactive place created to promote learning through play. It features 5 themed areas, exhibitions hall and an outdoor garden, among other areas dedicated to develop the kid’s learning and knowleged. Papalote Children’s Museum is within a 23-minute drive from Hotel Marbella.

Castillo de Chapultepec

Chapultepec Castle

Located at the highest part of the Chapultepec Forest, the Chapultepec Castle, also known as National History Museum, is home to a great collection of paintings, pictures and objects that shed light to the history of our country. It is the only real castle in the whole continent, used as a Presidential House until 1940. Take into account that the tours around the Castle last about one hour and a half. Entrance is $90.00 MXN but is free on Sundays. The Chapultepec Castle is within a 22-minute drive from Hotel Marbella.