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          For your protection and the protection of the staff that works in your facilities, we’re taking the following preventive measures:

          • We’ll be checking temperature of the staff, suppliers, visitors and guests at the entrance of the Hotel.
          • A brief survey and register upon admission.
          • Application of antibacterial gel in hands of every person arriving at the Hotel.
          • The use of foot sanitizing mat before entering the Hotel.
          • Availability of antibacterial hand gel on counters and customer service bars for personal application.
          • Line for customer service with a distance of 1.50 meters, respecting healthy distance between staff and customers.
          • Especial conditions for the use of elevators.
          • Use of face mask is mandatory at the inside of the Hotel.
          • Trained, equipped and protected staff, developing activities, respecting healthy distance.
          • Continuous cleaning and sanitation of elevators, countertops and public areas.
          • Daily cleaning and sanitizing of the rooms.
          • Duly signposted operating routes.

          Ddditionaly we have taken precutions for our Banús restaurant

          • Table assembly in front of the client.
          • Menus on display to access by QR code.
          • Buffet with anti-sneeze cover and an authorized member of staff in charge of serving food to the client.
          • Signposted areas to promote social distancing in the buffet and cashier areas.